Saturday, December 6, 2008

Scanning Saturday + problems with resizing .mov

I've been trying to resize my final animation so that I could post it on the web, but I haven't been able to resize it. When I export it form premeire at a smaller resolution, it comes out to 50 MB, which is fine. Normally what I would do is take that .mov file into quicktime and then export it again without changing any settings, and usually that somehow makes the file much smaller (ex. from 50MB > 12MB). I never really knew why, but it always worked out that way. Anyways, I tried to do that this time around, and it did export to a smaller size (16MB), however when I played it, it would skip frames. I scrub through it, and all the frames are there, but as soon as I play it, it's rough and skipping. So... idk. XD If anyone has suggetions, it'd be great to hear. :3

Also, been scanning in my images for about 5 hours. I still need to put them together. I had tried using my camera, but it wasn't that great, so I ended up just scanning them. Now I have to fix up a scene for Kaveh's to render on my desktop so that I can work on another scene for Kaveh's/ merge images together on my laptop. Fun times guys, fun times. I hope you all are doing well this weekend.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sitting awake... waiting for the final to send through filedrop

The title says it all really. I finally "finished" my... final. XD There's so many inbetweens missing in random places, but hey, I tried my best and I'm actually somewhat happy with it. I won't be posting it tonight though cause that involves resizing to something smaller, and right now I don't really feel like it. T_T Just wanna send it to Linda and sleep. I have work tomorrow morning too.

Man I'm grouchy. I think I need some happy drugs or something. :P

Excuse my rantings as I go off now to row row fight the powah as well as play some winter bells. Ever play that game? It's addicting and bad for you. You should play it >:D

Monday, December 1, 2008

Btw, Bolt was good, and also... animation links for funz!!!111one!!

I got to see "Bolt" this weekend. It was good and I recommend you guys go and see it when you can. Very very cute. :3

Oh also, when I went to go see this movie, there was a movie trailer for two other 3D animations. One I had already seen previews of and it looks pretty interesting (the tale of despereaux: ). The mice are cute. I've never read the book though, nor heard of it before. Any of you guys read it before? Story looks pretty good though.

The other was... bad... (Delgo: Character designs are boring and way too similar to each other. The story also seems dull. I asked my mom what she thought just to hear the opinion of someone not taking any animation classes, and she told me that she tried to be interested, but ultimately she just didn't want to watch it.

let me know what you guys think.

Random animation links: - A new simon's cat episode "TV dinner" - A studio Ghibli short film. Weird and awesome. Watch it until the end to see the green pig in 3D! XD

If you haven't seen the newest pixar movie preview already:

Mushibaba - Are we there yet? T_T

I'm pretty happy with how some of my new scenes came out, although it's a bit hard to see some since I tried overlaying a background on some parts and I didn't do it with a transparency or anything (lol, I just put them straight into premeire and changed the opacity of the BG image to 50%). Well, it's not the final turn in animation yet. Just the one right before..

Venting corner (don't have to read my whining):
Turn in is this week... omg... I don't know if I can do this. For Kaveh's we're supposed to be rendering, but many of my scenes aren't ready for rendering, and I have to work on them. I wish I had another week... or a few more weeks (haha), and then I think I could turn in these two finals with higher amounts of confidence. At this rate however, it looks like both will be unsatisfactory with what I want them to look like. T_T