Saturday, December 6, 2008

Scanning Saturday + problems with resizing .mov

I've been trying to resize my final animation so that I could post it on the web, but I haven't been able to resize it. When I export it form premeire at a smaller resolution, it comes out to 50 MB, which is fine. Normally what I would do is take that .mov file into quicktime and then export it again without changing any settings, and usually that somehow makes the file much smaller (ex. from 50MB > 12MB). I never really knew why, but it always worked out that way. Anyways, I tried to do that this time around, and it did export to a smaller size (16MB), however when I played it, it would skip frames. I scrub through it, and all the frames are there, but as soon as I play it, it's rough and skipping. So... idk. XD If anyone has suggetions, it'd be great to hear. :3

Also, been scanning in my images for about 5 hours. I still need to put them together. I had tried using my camera, but it wasn't that great, so I ended up just scanning them. Now I have to fix up a scene for Kaveh's to render on my desktop so that I can work on another scene for Kaveh's/ merge images together on my laptop. Fun times guys, fun times. I hope you all are doing well this weekend.

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草薙 said...

CHERIIIIISE! Z.O.M.G. I R in de ACM too now :). Gewd werk 'ere yo.