Monday, March 30, 2009

...and it's over! :(

EDITED 4/21/2009 - took down link

So Spring break is over quite quickly, and it was off to school today. Anyways, posting what animation I was able to do with the short amount of time.

I think I need to change a lot in this scene due to the size of Milly. I had to animate her in a long shot, which doesn't do so well when your character is a few inches tall, and you have to still frame another character who is normal sized...

Also the arm of the scarf girl needs to change. It's all weird like in the walking. I wanted her to walk quicker than that though, so I think I messed up already (ugh, gotta redo all that I think...). I wanted it to be a quick walkby, but I guess it's alright... Darn it Milly; why are you so tiny. T_T

Monday, March 23, 2009


So developing my rpg game for Kaveh's class. Trying to figure out scenarios that the players will encounter and trying to make sure that the encounter isn't too difficult in the beginning but still challenging. My friend showed me this penny arcade comic:


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Layout of the turnaround

EDITED 4/21/2009 - took down link.

So this is the scene nearer to the end. The previous scene was a longshot of Milly on the cake after it's completion, with the other cakes of students around her so you can see how cool Milly's cake is. She then turns around (my layout scene) to her partner. I'm going to have a cut in this animation around the part where she first turns around and is staring up to the partner running off looking at her watch, then I'll cut back to this scene again to see Milly's reaction.

Needs more frames near the end half for some painfully long moving holds and such. Also, she loses her ears after she turns around. XD I'll have to go and add those in. Oh and her doink of hair. I didn't even draw that. Oh and also don't look at her changing hat size... durr... o.o I need to fix that. >.< Man, I'm taking forever on this one scene, and I have so many more to go.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have the images in my camera. I was going to put it together this morning, but forgot the cord at home.. T_T You can see the animation on my camera more or less at least.

Going to upload it and put it together tonight. Sorry Linda.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Final Animatic... I guess?

Um.. Idk what we were supposed to turn in, so here's a redo of my animatic. We can call this my "final" animatic in that I don't think I'll be doing anymore of them for this film, even though I still need to change stuff. :D
It's not clear just yet, but Milly's partner tells Milly she has to study for a test and so Milly tells her partner it's okay and that she can handle the baking.

I also worked on my turn around, but I didn't have time to put it up as well, so just this animatic will have to do. I worked on my other character's designs (may still need to mess with them) as well as designed a better cake. Also deleted and added scenes for cooking. I have Milly trying to get flour out of the bag, and a scene of her stirring and mixing the batter with difficulty. I wanted to add a scene involving the baking and/or decorating but it's already long with the flour part. I might need to change that and get rid of the elaborate scarf toss and just have Milly in the flour bag from the start.