Thursday, April 30, 2009

O.o;; Moar!

Here's 3 more animations/keyframed animations. All need work. :(

Lizzie (scarf girl) comes into scene and tells Milly she has work to do. Milly not yet in scene. Neither is the counter:

Getting the beginning of the cake climbing scene done:

Getting one of the other shots of the cake climbing scene done (very rough keys and not all keys either:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cherry and lean in animations

Two animations. After having uploaded the cherry one and putting it together, I realize how much more work it really needs. T_T

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More turnaround tweakage

I need help with making the layers all pretty and without dark stuff. Helpz me! D:

Friday, April 3, 2009

Plan of action!

Okay, so I really gotta work hard on various things which have deadlines coming up. So what I need is a plan of action! :D

1.) Make my turn around animation awesome + attempt to do my final scene with Milly's interaction with the guy who likes her cake (over the weekend!)
2.) Finish cosplay outfit for Kawaii Kon (Do some sewing over the weekend)
3.) Decide on game idea for Kaveh's class (email before Monday)
4.) Finish resume and demo reel (sometime in the early part of next week)
5.) Buy a DVD to put demo reel on (sometime in the early part of next week)
6.) Call Pixar to find out the recommended method of mailing my stuff for internship app (today, weekend or Monday)
7.) Write 1st draft of screenplay for oral tradition class (sometimes next weekend)
8.) Schedule a time to interview people for my folklore class (idk when!)

I think that's it, relatively in order of importance/time schedule. So this weekend is all about animating and cosplay stuffs. Yar. Tonight I'm going to work on adding more frames to my turn around, and check the timing on my acting for it. Hopefully I can get that goal done. And if I can actually do more than that, I'll try to figure out my acting forthe last scene and start thumbnailing the poses out in my sketchbook.

Row Row, fight da powah! XD