Monday, December 1, 2008

Mushibaba - Are we there yet? T_T

I'm pretty happy with how some of my new scenes came out, although it's a bit hard to see some since I tried overlaying a background on some parts and I didn't do it with a transparency or anything (lol, I just put them straight into premeire and changed the opacity of the BG image to 50%). Well, it's not the final turn in animation yet. Just the one right before..

Venting corner (don't have to read my whining):
Turn in is this week... omg... I don't know if I can do this. For Kaveh's we're supposed to be rendering, but many of my scenes aren't ready for rendering, and I have to work on them. I wish I had another week... or a few more weeks (haha), and then I think I could turn in these two finals with higher amounts of confidence. At this rate however, it looks like both will be unsatisfactory with what I want them to look like. T_T

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Billy said...

Lol, did you forget to post your video? I agree we get so little time for each project and since it's at the same time, we can only compromise between both projects resulting in mediocre products for both. :(