Monday, December 1, 2008

Btw, Bolt was good, and also... animation links for funz!!!111one!!

I got to see "Bolt" this weekend. It was good and I recommend you guys go and see it when you can. Very very cute. :3

Oh also, when I went to go see this movie, there was a movie trailer for two other 3D animations. One I had already seen previews of and it looks pretty interesting (the tale of despereaux: ). The mice are cute. I've never read the book though, nor heard of it before. Any of you guys read it before? Story looks pretty good though.

The other was... bad... (Delgo: Character designs are boring and way too similar to each other. The story also seems dull. I asked my mom what she thought just to hear the opinion of someone not taking any animation classes, and she told me that she tried to be interested, but ultimately she just didn't want to watch it.

let me know what you guys think.

Random animation links: - A new simon's cat episode "TV dinner" - A studio Ghibli short film. Weird and awesome. Watch it until the end to see the green pig in 3D! XD

If you haven't seen the newest pixar movie preview already:

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