Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mushibaba - Layout/key poses


Well, I somehow managed to do them all and put them together. I hope this helps me in my timing and trying to figure out how many inbetween frames I need... T_T

I wanted to add so much more action shots to it, but alas, it's already gonna be a long animation Yikes. I hope I can actually finish it with Kaveh's project also breathing down my neck.

I wanna sleep tonight please! Allow me that much! And food, I haven't eaten all day trying to finish everything up. *dies*

Btw, sorry it's so small. >< I just spent the past hour or so trying to resize and delete older files to make room for this one. :(

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mushibaba - character turn around, and random art pics

So I stayed up all night trying to get the character turn around and expressions done. I'm running out of time, so i'll have to post expressions later (for some reason I can't find the scan I did of it).

There's no time to do anything... even more so than before! How is that even possible? x.x

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Zoo pics

EDIT: Zoo pics nao!


EDIT: Uploaded higher quality pics 11/18/08

Mushibaba -the tale of the B52 killing samurai woman from Oahu. XD

Okay, so earlier tonight, I was sitting in my boyfriend's living room by myself, drawing and trying to come up with a story, when I heard the sounds of scratchy feet around the kitchen. I then saw a bunch of B52 cockroaches running around. I was just hoping they'd leave me alone, when one flew up on the living room light. My boyfriend's mother happens to come up the stairs at that moment, and I warn her about the roaches. She looks around, and grabs a green flyswatter. With flyswatter in hand, she takes aim at the roach on the light, and attacks, but misses! The roach flies around, making circles around her head as she swats away at it, barely missing the bug. Finally, the roach lands, and she's able to get a good swat in to finish the job. There was a bunch of screaming in there along with samurai "hiyaah!!" sounds that she was making, as she blindly attacked (she said she was swatting with her eyes closed, but I hadn't noticed, lol) but it was pretty epic and funny at the time. XD

Anyways, it inspired me to draw a very quick drawing of her, and thus I had a better story idea. I'm not completely sure if I'll use it or not, but it's the best thing I got so far. Mushibaba was what she called herself after the event, and I just thought it was a great name. :D

The actual story I'll be doing will be similar to that, but with more samurai like poses and awesomeness. I also wanted to play around with the character designs more and composition of the animation. This'll be pretty hard considering what I imagine the animation to look like in my head. For the action scene of her swatting the roach as it flies around her, I wanted to have the camera pan around her slowly as she also rotates and spins trying to attack.

The image quality is super bad (again, due to shitty laptop camera), so I'll have to reload this later. Prolly will really have to think about the composition and redo. Too bad we don't have too much time. I doubt I'll be able to finish this all...


Character design of mushibaba plus random image of roach:

Friday, November 7, 2008

Some character designs random things lalala









Sorry for bad quality. I took the pics on my shitty laptop cam. I'll later on take better quality images. For now, click to view the entire image (although it doesn't improve much). Anyways, still don't really have an idea that I am completely enthusiastic about. I like the idea of a girl running and turning into a cheetah just cause I think it'd be fun to animate, but no real story goes with it. :(

I have this other idea that randomly came up tonight, but I'll post that in a little bit along with a mini storyboard. It would work well as a story, but I'm not completely sold yet, so we'll see... will post soon.

No great story idea yet! Nuuuu! T_T

So it's Friday morning-ish, and I still can't figure out what I want to do for the story! T_T I've been thinking and drawing characters and trying to look at other animations on youtube and whatnot for inspiration, but have not found that spark! I have like bits and pieces all over the place but can't figure out an actual story that seems like something I really want to do.. something that means something to me that I want to share with everyone. I've thought of things that I like, and drawn characters that I think would be fun to animate, but I have no situation. I have to come up with something by tonight though, so whatever I have by then will be it I guess. I saw some other people's stories and drawings already and they're so good! I need to find something like that too.

So my thoughts so far/actions I thought might be fun to animate were:
-Something to do with one or multiple miniture characters that walk around in our world and use/create tools, clothing, etc. out of things that humans drop.
-Something to do with a humanish character that can transform into an animal (thinking cheetah). Possibly something like a little girl playing and imagining that she's an animal (or multiple animals?) and I can draw the transformation which I think would be fun.
-Along the same lines with imagination, there's a door with a peephole with light shining through it. Someone comes along and sees it and looks in and sees (imagines) some fantasy world or other imaginary things on the other side.
-I think someone rolling around on the ground would be fun to do
-Potatoes. No one animates those even though they're so awesome and full of potential. :D
-Bugs. I like bugs and want to animate cute ones or scary ones or w/e!
-I was wondering if I could do an animation on a short story/folklore from Hawaii/Japan or wherever. There are a lot of old folklore and fables etc. that would be great as animations, but Idk about copyright issues etc, or if we're allowed to do a story that is not our own for our final project.
-more ideas coming soon probably.

If anyone has anything to say about these thoughts or help that might be provided to improve or expand on them, I welcome it with open arms.

I'll post images of w/e I can get done way later tonight prolly.