Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mushibaba - Layout/key poses


Well, I somehow managed to do them all and put them together. I hope this helps me in my timing and trying to figure out how many inbetween frames I need... T_T

I wanted to add so much more action shots to it, but alas, it's already gonna be a long animation Yikes. I hope I can actually finish it with Kaveh's project also breathing down my neck.

I wanna sleep tonight please! Allow me that much! And food, I haven't eaten all day trying to finish everything up. *dies*

Btw, sorry it's so small. >< I just spent the past hour or so trying to resize and delete older files to make room for this one. :(


Billy said...

This is so awesome! It's already so fluid even though it's just key poses. I'm so ashamed of mines, I worked all day too. Mines has like no movement. =_= Can't wait to see your finished version of Mushibaba in action!

Brittany said...

That's freaken leet already. Hahah, omg pro action scenes right there.
Yeah, when i'm intensely animating/Mayaing, I don't really eat or sleep until I'm done too. D; Such harsh schedules.

Anonymous said...
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Jose Marzan said...

The camera shots are worth envying. Action abound AND perfect end? 1337. Seriously, 1337.