Saturday, November 8, 2008


EDIT: Uploaded higher quality pics 11/18/08

Mushibaba -the tale of the B52 killing samurai woman from Oahu. XD

Okay, so earlier tonight, I was sitting in my boyfriend's living room by myself, drawing and trying to come up with a story, when I heard the sounds of scratchy feet around the kitchen. I then saw a bunch of B52 cockroaches running around. I was just hoping they'd leave me alone, when one flew up on the living room light. My boyfriend's mother happens to come up the stairs at that moment, and I warn her about the roaches. She looks around, and grabs a green flyswatter. With flyswatter in hand, she takes aim at the roach on the light, and attacks, but misses! The roach flies around, making circles around her head as she swats away at it, barely missing the bug. Finally, the roach lands, and she's able to get a good swat in to finish the job. There was a bunch of screaming in there along with samurai "hiyaah!!" sounds that she was making, as she blindly attacked (she said she was swatting with her eyes closed, but I hadn't noticed, lol) but it was pretty epic and funny at the time. XD

Anyways, it inspired me to draw a very quick drawing of her, and thus I had a better story idea. I'm not completely sure if I'll use it or not, but it's the best thing I got so far. Mushibaba was what she called herself after the event, and I just thought it was a great name. :D

The actual story I'll be doing will be similar to that, but with more samurai like poses and awesomeness. I also wanted to play around with the character designs more and composition of the animation. This'll be pretty hard considering what I imagine the animation to look like in my head. For the action scene of her swatting the roach as it flies around her, I wanted to have the camera pan around her slowly as she also rotates and spins trying to attack.

The image quality is super bad (again, due to shitty laptop camera), so I'll have to reload this later. Prolly will really have to think about the composition and redo. Too bad we don't have too much time. I doubt I'll be able to finish this all...


Character design of mushibaba plus random image of roach:

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