Friday, November 7, 2008

No great story idea yet! Nuuuu! T_T

So it's Friday morning-ish, and I still can't figure out what I want to do for the story! T_T I've been thinking and drawing characters and trying to look at other animations on youtube and whatnot for inspiration, but have not found that spark! I have like bits and pieces all over the place but can't figure out an actual story that seems like something I really want to do.. something that means something to me that I want to share with everyone. I've thought of things that I like, and drawn characters that I think would be fun to animate, but I have no situation. I have to come up with something by tonight though, so whatever I have by then will be it I guess. I saw some other people's stories and drawings already and they're so good! I need to find something like that too.

So my thoughts so far/actions I thought might be fun to animate were:
-Something to do with one or multiple miniture characters that walk around in our world and use/create tools, clothing, etc. out of things that humans drop.
-Something to do with a humanish character that can transform into an animal (thinking cheetah). Possibly something like a little girl playing and imagining that she's an animal (or multiple animals?) and I can draw the transformation which I think would be fun.
-Along the same lines with imagination, there's a door with a peephole with light shining through it. Someone comes along and sees it and looks in and sees (imagines) some fantasy world or other imaginary things on the other side.
-I think someone rolling around on the ground would be fun to do
-Potatoes. No one animates those even though they're so awesome and full of potential. :D
-Bugs. I like bugs and want to animate cute ones or scary ones or w/e!
-I was wondering if I could do an animation on a short story/folklore from Hawaii/Japan or wherever. There are a lot of old folklore and fables etc. that would be great as animations, but Idk about copyright issues etc, or if we're allowed to do a story that is not our own for our final project.
-more ideas coming soon probably.

If anyone has anything to say about these thoughts or help that might be provided to improve or expand on them, I welcome it with open arms.

I'll post images of w/e I can get done way later tonight prolly.

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