Monday, March 30, 2009

...and it's over! :(

EDITED 4/21/2009 - took down link

So Spring break is over quite quickly, and it was off to school today. Anyways, posting what animation I was able to do with the short amount of time.

I think I need to change a lot in this scene due to the size of Milly. I had to animate her in a long shot, which doesn't do so well when your character is a few inches tall, and you have to still frame another character who is normal sized...

Also the arm of the scarf girl needs to change. It's all weird like in the walking. I wanted her to walk quicker than that though, so I think I messed up already (ugh, gotta redo all that I think...). I wanted it to be a quick walkby, but I guess it's alright... Darn it Milly; why are you so tiny. T_T


Brittany said...

What you have so far is very nice, but holy crap, yeah, Milly is sooo tiny. o.o
Maybe you can somehow zoom in a bit more, so Milly's bigger, and kind of cut off the top of the girls head that's walking by. I think you had something like that for your animatic. @_@
I love the bouncing hair on top of the girls head though. xD
Spring Break needs to be longer. :|

Billy said...

I agree, Milly is so tiny. XD Didn't expect it to be so small after seeing your animatic. I also agree about the arm, that's going to be challenging. :)

Jose Marzan said...

Ha ha, I think you can salvage Milly's size. You arn't that committed to what you've done with Milly's animation in these scene since she has only a few key frames. Shouldn't be a problem at all for you to make her just a tinny bit bigger by redrawing or rescaling in After Effects. The follow through makes your animation look nearly done, you did a great job applying it everywhere! D: Me jealous