Thursday, March 19, 2009

Layout of the turnaround

EDITED 4/21/2009 - took down link.

So this is the scene nearer to the end. The previous scene was a longshot of Milly on the cake after it's completion, with the other cakes of students around her so you can see how cool Milly's cake is. She then turns around (my layout scene) to her partner. I'm going to have a cut in this animation around the part where she first turns around and is staring up to the partner running off looking at her watch, then I'll cut back to this scene again to see Milly's reaction.

Needs more frames near the end half for some painfully long moving holds and such. Also, she loses her ears after she turns around. XD I'll have to go and add those in. Oh and her doink of hair. I didn't even draw that. Oh and also don't look at her changing hat size... durr... o.o I need to fix that. >.< Man, I'm taking forever on this one scene, and I have so many more to go.


Brittany said...

Freaken awesome scene layout. :D
The shrinking of the bottle cap hat wasn't even noticeable, until mentioned. Ah, I know what you mean, it's taking us forever on one scene and we still have the rest of our film to do. @_@
I can already tell how pro your whole animation film will be in the end. :x

Mayumi said...

I can't wait to see this~