Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Slightly more concrete story...

So with lots of help, I'm slowly fleshing out my story bit by bit.

The story starts off with a cooking classroom setting. We show a close up of a little girl, Milly, who's bright eyed waiting at her desk. A student walks in and, Milly waves at the student. The student pauses, and smiles awkwardly and waves back, then quickly sits down. Another student comes in, and Milly waves at this student as well, but he/she doesn't notice and instead begins talking excitedly with the first student, whom is obviously a good friend. Milly, lowers her hand slowly and tentatively, somewhat dejected and embarrassed. More students come in, and then finally the teacher who begins class.

The teacher announces that they will get into teams of two and make some sort of food (haven't decided what yet). The teacher pairs up one of the students (maybe the first or second one), with Milly. We see a shot of the student's reaction; a mix of uncertainty, unhappiness, possibly irritation. Then a shot of Milly's reaction, which looks happy and determined.

So they get into their pairings (I think at this point, we can show the size difference between Milly and the other student). We can see Milly trying her best to make friends with the other student, and the other student giving weak smiles at her, but nothing more.

Milly and the student begin; Gathering ingredients, preparing them and finally cooking. Due to her size, we see the difficulty this gives Milly, but she still works her hardest. The other student is a tiny bit more warm with Milly, but there's still that feeling of awkwardness between the two.

Finally, we see the end product, which turns out really good looking. Milly is proud and happy, and looks to her teammate to share in the pride, but her teammate is already going over to talk with his/her friend, leaving Milly with the cooked food. Milly looks disheartened, slumping in her chair a bit and looking down.

Someone clears their voice or taps her on the shoulder, and Milly looks up. Another student from class begins talking to her, at first shyly, about how he/she thinks the food that was made looks delicious. Milly is surprised at first, but then smiles, and replies back with some words. Maybe she compliments the other student or makes a small joke about her food (I'm not too sure just yet about what is said back).

Alternatively, I had the idea that after the food is cooked, Milly kinda digs into her food eagerly, but her teammate kinda looks at her funny, smiles awkwardly, then goes off to meet up with another person in class. Milly looks dejected, when the other student begins talking to her, about how she would like to try her food or something. She does and really likes it. Then the two begin talking.

From this point, eitherway, the final shot will be something like showing Milly smiling maybe.

This ending sounds weak to me, so I'll probably have to tweak. Idk, maybe it'll come to be better as I animate the scenes. The parts I want to emphasize anyway is Milly's emotions, so maybe it'll make the ending turn out better somehow... ^_^;;

Time for storyboards I guess.

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Jose Marzan said...

>her teammate is already going over to talk with his/her friend, leaving Milly with the cooked food. Milly looks disheartened, slumping in her chair a bit and looking down.

When Milly's teammate leaves to talk to someone else and while Milly is disheartened, but still admiring her work, the teammate actually left to get people to look at their work. She comes back with the whole crowd of students and they're all impressed and want to taste it as well. Then a shot with Milly smiling in between a bunch of people who are congratulating and talking to her.

That way the teammate has also gained from the partnership with Milly and aided in getting Milly noticed for her hard work.

Man this is a great story! Self contained and very focused. Lots of great scenes to animated as well!