Monday, February 9, 2009

Movie Posters - Milly

Okay, so I was playing with a vector idea, 'cause originally I was thinking it'd be neat to do paper cut outs. Since I was at school working on this, and didn't have my construction paper on hand, I thought I'd play with the design in photoshop. In the end, I just did vector like graphics. The first one I designed was the close up one of Milly. She has longish black hair that goes over one eye. Graphically, this is the feature that catches my eye first, and thus I created the design you see here. The problem though, was that I wasn't sure about the mood that it captured. In general, I'm still not sure about the title. I just put that up there for now since the most finished part of my story is my character.
The second poster I created because I had some sort of shadow idea. Originally, I was thinking it'd be neat to see her actual sized compared to another person or some object. I started off by just creating a vector of her. After I did that, I felt like she needed a shadow that enlarged behind her. However, after I did that, I felt the feeling it gave wasn't what I wanted. It had more of a feeling like there was more to her than meets the eye, or something more ominous, when I really wanted people to sympathize with her. So I thought of the idea of having others in the background talking and having fun, and casting their shadow on her. More of the feeling I was trying to get at, although I might still be off on that. DX
Anyways, it was my first time trying vector art, and I'm somewhat happy about it. Whether or not it speaks about the theme I want to get across though is a completely different thing. Tra la la... XD


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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newguy said...

The vector look came out great, I think Linda will like the toned down color scheme too... redemption for everyone's final port last semester. :D

You know this might even work in 3D using toon shaders.

Billy said...

Awesome, so pro posters! I can just see these posters at the theater. :O

Brittany said...

Yeah, I racked my brain forever trying to come up with a good story, and i might still change mine. Before my sad dog story, I had another idea, but it was incomplete too, since I couldn't think of a beginning.
Your idea sounds really cool though. A thumbalina kind of girl. XD The feeling of not belonging.
That's awesome stuff. I'm sure you'll think up all the details and have a complete story soon.

Those are also pro-level film posters, it definitely makes me want to watch your animation!