Sunday, February 8, 2009

Poster inspiration? Where is that?

First time posting this semseter. I actually should get my sketches up and whatnot for the 11 second club stuff, but I've been somewhat lethargic so far this semseter. XD

Anyways, so I've been trying to settle something for my story, and I'm still pretty undecided. What it's come down to is the following idea/theme:

I wanted to somehow get that slightly uncomfortable feeling of not quite belonging, across. That feeling that although everyone around you is nice to you, it still feels a bit uncomfortable, like they don't quite get you, and perhaps vice versa. Also that feeling of trying to bridge that gap and make new friends, but perhaps not being able to. I often feel this way in many groups, so I thought I'd base my story around that. Also, I wanted to discuss in this film the concept of if a person should be themselves, even if it may be something that others don't agree with (maybe they find that your personality is irritating), or if they should try and conform to how others want them to behave (or how the person thinks others want them to behave). Personally, I feel there's a balance between those two things. I've always grown up believing that I should always be true to who I am, but I have also realized along the way, that sometimes it's just better to hold back on your true feelings for the sake of others. Sure you could be yourself and defend that you are who you are until the day you die, but what if you could have grown from the change? What if you changed for the better?

So it's between being yourself, and changing for the better. Both I feel are good lessons to be learned.

Ultimately, because I'm still not completely sure on the topic myself, I don't really have a conclusion. Maybe I could leave it open ended as well for others to interpret as they see fit. Maybe I should just stick to one thing.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to get all these complicated thoughts across though through such a short animation..

So far for my story, I was thinking of having a cooking classroom setting. The teacher calls out names to pair people up, when she comes to this one boy. She pairs him up with a girl named Clara Milly Appleton. It's apparent from his expression, that he's not all that comfortable with the idea. The shot then moves to Milly (people often just call her that), and she's smiling and eager. The other thing about Milly is that she is only a few inches tall. Think kind of like thumbalina sized girl. She also has long rabbit like ears that come down from behind her hair, and she wears a bottlecap as a hat. So the teacher tells them to all get into their pairs and start cooking.

Now, I'm unsure as how to continue exactly. I need to think about this more although I'm running out of time. So based off of the stuff I know though, I must now create an inpirational movie poster... that must look finished as well. Sigh. I hope everyone else is fairing better than me.


Jose Marzan said...

>So it's between being yourself, and changing for the better.

I'm sure you could do both. Milly showing how important it is being true to yourself, and the main character learning and changing his own personal beliefs on how he should present himself.

Like say the MC is just like everyone else in the class at first, but after grouping with Milly he wears something new and interesting, to show that he has broken out of the 'mold'.

TakiNeko said...

Hm.. that's something I didn't think about. Having two sort of main characters. I'll have to think about this one now.

Thanks for the suggestion Jose. ^_^