Thursday, March 20, 2008

ACM215_HW7 - The rotating fruitbowl! :o

So due to many problems, I wasn' t able to turn this thing in on time. However, after Kaveh helped, I was able to finally make the animation! Yay! Let me know if the link doesn't work for whatever reason though. ^_^

I don't think you can see the controls so to play it back, I guess just refresh the page.. unless someone can tell me why it's not showing up.


richdang88 said...

No the controls are working for me I just spread the page out more, but yeah GREAT WORK!!! seriously I can tell you put a lot of effort into it. I got tired this time and mines is crap but yours is too good. The only thing (which you probably couldn't tell till you renderfarmed it)is the incondescence could be turned down a little on the red grape-looking thing but other than that I can't compare. btw you took my building, I wanted POST!! haha it's all good tho.

Sean Kenji Yamura said...

Sexy =). Was definitively worth all that work. I think the strongest part, now that i see it rotating, are the leafs. The light really brings out all of the dips and curves that you put a lot of time into. Cant wait to see what you do with POST.

Gabriel Yanagihara said...

very nice! look forward to seeing how your building turns out.

TakiNeko said...

@richard - Yoink! XD Yeah, I thought of POST as soon as he gave the assignment, and immediately went to email him for it. Sorry! Although, after taking pictures of it, I'm like... aw shit. This thing is a huge evil building. So maybe I just pwned myself... x.x

Thanks everyone for the comments. Just really wish I could've rendered out the one with better lighting.