Sunday, February 24, 2008

walkcycle fixed up a little with additions! :o

Okay, so after turning it in and getting feedback from Linda, I tried to rework my animation. I did my best to make the shoulders and hips move like actual... shoulders and hips. ;P And I tried to fix the balance issue on one of the frames. I don't think I liked doing this over the 2nd time around as much, but still had fun with it. I think I want to rework it from the beginning though at some point. I'm sure I'll get my chance later on. :3

*note* See if you can loop it. The UH server doesn't have that much room, so uploading the movie with the cycle already in there 2 or 3 times is too much.

I'm going to need to figure out how to link images here on blogspot too. I mean... I can link images everywhere else since it's so simple, but when I do it here, instead of just having the link, it would add in before it something like, and of course that wouldn't work. Bah. This place is weird. >.>;;

Oh and yay! Turned in on time! XD No messed up sense of date for me this week! /cheer


Brittany said...

You did an awesome job on the walk cycle and the added follow through stuff. :D
For the problem with linking images, when you create/edit a post, after you upload the thumbnail, go to the "Compose" tab, then just click on the thumbnail image so it's selected. Then, proceed to clicking on the Link icon in the toolbar above. I think that should do it.

TakiNeko said...

For the image linking thing, that's what I tried, and for some reason it wasn't working. >.>;; It would do that thing I mentioned, putting my blog url in front of the actual link url, causing the link to not work. T_T Idk, blogspot is messed up I think. x.x