Tuesday, February 26, 2008

3 Key frame Expressions

EDITED: 9/2/2008
*No .mov of this anymore, but it's not needed anyway

Okay so we needed to do these 3 key frame expressions for the next assignment. I'm not sure if these expressions and poses are correct or not, but I don't have too many options right now. Since I won't be able to get home and upload anything tomorrow (or today if you look at the time) until 7:00pm and the homework, I believe, is due 5:00pm, I needed to finish this today. >.>;; At least I had time today to do some sketching of expressions and such in my book, so I had something to work from. The expression is pouty/angry -> happy. It's kind of like me, lawl. ;P

Anyways, I wasn't sure also if what we posted was suppposed to just be 3 images, or have the images animated together (although it's only 3 frames right now, so yeah... probably not). I just did both, so meh.


Anonymous said...
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Ghost23 said...

Love the hair, but for some reason reminds me of those helmet of certain storm troopers. >_< j/k's

Sean Kenji Yamura said...

The gesture and expression is really nice!

Jose Marzan said...

Great set of frames to animate! Your first frame works very very well, the body language sells it all!

For some reason the .mov isn't playing on my computer. Prolly the UH server being wonky again.

TakiNeko said...

Thanks. Yeah, looks like a storm trooper helmet, I agree. x.x;; Oh well, I just wanted to make sure the shape was simple to animate, lol!