Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cat tails and Frustrating programs DX

EDIT: 9/2/2008
I got rid of the link to the looped one to make more space.

omg... I had the worst time trying to complete this. I don't really understand how to use premiere, so I had to modify it on my own. I don't think I did it right even then. 24 fps and 4 frames or something right? I couldn't find the option to make it 4 frames. Looks slow so idk if that's correct or not. Also had trouble with compressing and getting rid of the black border... lots of problems. I then tried to just make it 24fps in quicktime, but yeah, all kinds of trouble. I think I need to do something between the loops because I think the reason it doesn't look fluid might be due to a lack of some sort of pause between the video, because the images should link fine. I think it's a timing issue which I don't know how to fix. Will need help on this one by a lot...

EDIT: Made it 24fps with 2 frames:

*Edit note* I removed the first two vids to make room on the server for more vids.


Brittany said...

Hey! I really love your cat's design, it's soo cute. :D He has such an awesome expression, like this. :3 The tail part is very fluid as well.

TakiNeko said...

Aww thanks. XD I designed several kitties but decided to use this one in the end. I'll have to post the other designs later.

まゆみ said...

hawt damn love the animations~~


TakiNeko said...