Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bouncing Ball with tail! :o

EDIT: Okay, so apparentally when I try to link an image or text on blogger, it first puts my blogger url before the actual link offsite... meaning I can't seem to link the image or text. So much for trying to be pretty. ><;; Here's the link:

Okay. So this animation I believe took about as long as the ball bounce did. I had to just copy my original ball bounce (with some changes so that the ball was not egg shaped), and then add a tail. I'm not entirely sure if the tail is flowing correctly though. I used the information I got from class, some vids I saw online (unfortunately only flash), and my own thoughts of how a tail would follow a ball. Combined it becomes "CAPTAIN LANET"!! Or maybe just a tail on a ball bouncing. O.o;;

Also, working on doing the hair toss/head turn animation. Having loads of trouble on some parts of the head turn. I just can't find any good references for a short bob haircut style head turn. :\ Some parts look okay I guess, but the rest are just poo. :( Will try to finish it before the next class though.


まゆみ said...

Is this for Linda's animation class, by any chance?

TakiNeko said...

Yep, these are all for her class. :3