Thursday, April 30, 2009

O.o;; Moar!

Here's 3 more animations/keyframed animations. All need work. :(

Lizzie (scarf girl) comes into scene and tells Milly she has work to do. Milly not yet in scene. Neither is the counter:

Getting the beginning of the cake climbing scene done:

Getting one of the other shots of the cake climbing scene done (very rough keys and not all keys either:


Jose Marzan said...

Niiiiiiice! Three scenes in progress, and Lizzie's follow through is fantastic. So clear and awesome :D

Billy said...

This is so fluid! Great job. Awesome. Yay. :O

Brittany said...

zomg, the random scenes are all going so well. Even just the pure keyframe scenes looks amazing. :O I love the dynamic climbing up the rope angle. :D

Gabriel Yanagihara said...

so...I heard you're still animating like crazy! How's it coming?

Mayumi said...

Post moooaaarrr goddamn you! <3

a-and gimme a call sometime...let's talk shop!