Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thumbnails for 11 second club

My thumbnails for the 11 second club dialogue.
Voice One: "I mean, what's the point? Ain't nobody gonna win, it's just gonna go on and on..."
Voice Two: "Can't go on forever."
Voice One: "Yeah, but ain't nobody gonna win... so."
Voice Two: "Somebody's gonna win."
After a bunch of thinking, I happened across this idea by chance. I was drawing/doodling different characters randomly to see if I happened to like any of them enough to make something out of it, when I happened to draw a frog. I had been thinking of the idea of making the dialogue about playing tick-tac-toe right before, but when I drew the frog, I ended up thinking about a frog crossing a busy road while two other frogs looked on at him talking.
It's sort of a play on the game frogger, like a real life version. Although I'm not even sure if there are any sort of copyright things with that.
I'm also unsure about if I should or should not have some cuts to the frog jumping across the street or not, and also for the ending, when (or if) I should show the frog getting hit by the car. Also, I may need to rework my character designs more to make them a bit more interesting. They're rather boring now that I look at it again.
No animation/key frames yet.

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Billy said...

I like your frog designs! Especially the first frog. This reminds me, somebody showed me a close-up picture of a flattened frog on the road. D: