Sunday, April 27, 2008

Snowball push.... FINAL! *gasps*

Well, here's the final product.. or at least what I'll be turning in. I have to go work on my other assignment now which has been a bit neglected... >.>;;

After making it, I realized I messed up the follow through on her hair. So I'll have to fix that for the demo reel... I hope I have time to fix it! T_T


richdang88 said...

haha same here I need to stress on Kaveh's now too, and don't worry about the hair it's awesome!

Brittany said...

The hair is fine, and so is the whole animation. I love the anticipation, the poses are just really good too.
These assignments really kill our social life, LOL, I haven't gone out in a while since I've just been working on Linda's and Kaveh's stuff. @__@

Billy said...

I love your animation! Ya, the anticipation and poses are like perfect. And I didn't notice the bunny ear hair ties changed expressions until someone mentioned it. Cute touch!

Ghost23 said...

Awesome and its runs so smoothly also. Nice touch on the Bunny faces too.